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Should have listened


This post is a follow-up to this one, so make sure you read that first!

Well I think I was right all along. My gut was telling me he wasn’t interested, but I let myself get talked out of it. I need to listen to my instincts, seriously! They’re usually spot on.

So the Tuesday after our date (meaning, the very next day), everything seemed to be pretty good. I
sent my usual “Good morning!” text and we kinda went from there like normal. I wasn’t really getting a
reading from him on how things were between us so by lunch time, I just flat out asked, “So, what did
you think of last night? Are you interested in going out again sometime?” You all know me. I am a fan
of the direct approach! He texts back, “I wouldn’t mind going out again and seeing where this goes.”

So everything is fine on Tuesday. Wednesday, he’s a little quieter, no biggie. Work and he has fireman
stuff to do every Wednesday night. Thursday, I don’t get much of anything. Friday, I get a “morning”
response to my wake-up message, and that’s it all day. Saturday, nothing. Sunday, I text him, “Hey, you
interested in getting together sometime this week before you leave town?” He says, “Sure. Have the
inspection this week so I’ll check my schedule and get back to you.” Does he ever get back to me? Nope.
So Saturday morning, the morning he was getting ready for his vacation, I sent, “Have a safe, fun trip!”
and I got back, “Thanks!”

And that’s it. I’ve given up. If he wants to hang out, he has my number. But I have this sneaking suspicion he won’t call or text me. So.. there you have it. Ball in his court, I’ve put forth enough effort.

Onto the next one.. wherever he may be. (FYI, if you know, please drop me a line. I’m running out of places to look.)

AND.. I have no idea why the formatting on this post is all messed up, but there you go.


I have no f’n clue


All right, my dating life is seriously f’d up. I mean for real, folks.

So after the last crapass date that I had (the jackass who wouldn’t walk me to the door), I deactivated my online dating profiles and just said SCREW IT. I gave up on dating for awhile. I just couldn’t freaking take it any more of the disappointment, rejection and craziness. So a break was what I needed to sort of regroup and just CHILLAX. (I hate that fucking word, seriously.)

So a couple weeks ago, I reactivated one dating profile. ONE. I clicked on one match and he seemed like a pretty cool guy So I shot him a message. Here’s his rundown: 37, divorced, 15 y/o daughter that lives with her mother in AZ. He is originally from Boston, got a huge promotion a year ago to move here to Iowa, works for generally the same “company” I do, just a different dept. Based no his job, I can pretty accurately guesstimate that he makes good money. He’s also a PT fireman/EMT nights and weekends. He’s a pretty cool guy. Has a GREAT Boston accent, too. Love it.

Okay so we email for awhile and then he asks if he can text me because he can’t access his personal email as much as he would like to. No problem. So we start texting, an we’re both texting machines. And guess what? he spells out words! “you “are” “too” etc. OMG dying breed!! So he asks me out and the night he wants to go, I am busy with a friend. He’s totally cool with that. We keep texting, and a few days later he asks me out again. Again, I am busy. However, suddenly my Monday night (tonight) is free. So I ask if he’s available an he says most definately. So we set the date for tonight.

I tell him, though, that as weird as it sounds, I’d feel more comfortable going out with him if we could talk on the phone first. You can have chemistry with someone in texts and email because its really to write, more difficult to speak. And I want to make sure I can carry on a conversation with someone. He was totally cool with it, and we talked twice this past Sunday (yesterday). And omg, the conversation flowed so easily. And after each conversation, he’d send me a message that said something along the lines of “talking to you makes me smile, I really enjoyed it” etc etc. So after all this, needless to say, I was/am SUPER nervous about the date.

Flash forward to earlier tonight. We had been off and on texting during the day, no as much as normal because he had 5 hour + meetings, so he was busy most of the day. I texted him when I was on the way to our designated meeting place and he let me know he was in the process of leaving work. When I about 2 minutes away, I gave him a call.

Me: Hey, you there yet?
Him: I just pulled up. Where are you at?
Me: About 2 minutes away. I can actually see the place in the distance. Are you still in the parking lot?
Him: Yeah, I was getting out of the car when you called. But if you’re almost here, I’ll just wait for you.
Me: What kind of car do you drive?

He told me and I saw him and pulled into a parking space next to his. We both get out of the car and he immediately comes over and gives me a huge hug. He initiated. He said, “Its really great to finally me you.” I said, “Oh yeah, definately.” And we walk into the bar. He’s a little less peppy than normal because he just came off 2 days shifts and then an overnight at the fire station. He apparently had a bad meeting at work, too, and didn’t really feel like talking about it. Fine by me!

Okay, so he was good looking! I mean, really, totally my type. 6’3, had a shaved head, normally wears a goatee, but had it shaved off, awesome accent, a bigger guy (which I really go for). So I’m thinking okay yeah, this could be pretty cool.

So we sit down and we order a drink and he starts talking about work. I ask him how he ended up in the area from Boston. He starts giving me a run down and then starts talking to me explaining more in depth about his job, since I’m not familiar with it.

Now, the entire time, he’s not always looking right at me when he talks. His eyes kinda dart around to the side, to me, to the TV behind me. I’m not exactly sure if he’s nervous, not interested or just gets easily distracted. But its enough shiftiness that I notice it.

So we keep talking and he asks me how I ended up here from where I grew up and how I ended up with my new job. So I launch into that story, and it just kinda occurs to me that its all superficial stuff. Really safe things. Nothing personal.. a few flags go up. I was getting the feeling that he wasn’t really opening up because he wasn’t really interested. But, it was a little early in the night, so you never can tell this early on.

So we decide to have some dinner with our drinks, and we’re eating food when I ask about his daughter an his ex-wife. He tells me a little bit about them, and I tell him, “I feel like you’re getting all personal and I’m not..If you have anything you want to know about me, please feel free to ask.” He says, “Hmmm well I can’t think of anything I want to ask.” It was like WAH-WAAAAAAAAAAAH. Sooo okay he’s not interested about my life. Okay, well I’m slowly getting the hint.

We get to talking about his firefighting job and he tells me that pretty much this weekend, he is completely full with his work. Its the town festival and he has to be a part of the pancake breakfast, doing firehouse detail, etc. Then he mentions how he is going to be busy all next week, too because his regional manager is coming to do an inspection of his area. And THEN, after that, he lets me know he is going to Boston for 2 weeks to visit his folks and his daughter (who is visiting them for the summer), and around the 4th of July, he may end up in Maine for a 2 week training of a manager. I said, “Oh! So you’ll probably be gone until mid-July the, huh?” he said yeah.

So yeah, basically, he’s putting it out there that he’s going to be busy, so when he tells me he’s not ready to date because his schedule is so hectic.. it’ll let me down easy. I’ve been there before. I totally get that he’d rather do that then tell me that he’s not interested. Trying to be nice, whatever. So I pretty much accept it and deal with it. I mean it happens, right? People aren’t attracted to everyone, so it happens. No biggie. I’m disappointed, but not surprised.

So he gets to yawning a little, and I ask if he’s ready to go. He said yeah because of his 48 hours straight of work, he needed to stop off at the grocery store, grab some stuff for lunch tomorrow, then hit the hay. So we walk out, and we’re having that awkward conversation where like, you know that you want to get the fuck out of there, but how do you do it without seeming like an asshole? So we end up talking about our respective cars while the person next to me backs out.

Boring boring awkward boring.

So after the lady pulls out, I said, “Well, thank you for the dinner and drinks.”

Then, he leans in and gives me another huge hug and says, “You’re welcome. We definately need to go out again.”


I lean back, and look at him and go, “Really????” (Think of me saying: Fo’ realz, playa??? That’s how the “really” came out. No lie.)

He said, “Oh yeah. We’ll check our schedules and see what works out.”

I said, “Okay, will depend on your schedule it sounds like, since you’ve got a bunch going on the next month.”

He said, “Oh yeah, that’s right. Well, we’ll make something work.”

I am like.. still somewhat in shock. So I go, “Okay, well I can take you to a couple cool places downtown, or maybe an I-Cubs game or something.”

He said, “Sure, that sounds cool.”

I said, “Okay, well, I will talk to you later tonight, or if you’re asleep tomorrow sometime.”

He says, “Great, sounds good.”

We get into our cars and I am completely fucking baffled. BAFFLED. Every signal he was giving off during the date was NO INTERESTED. But then at the end, it was like he had a great time and wanted to do it again. WHAT THE HELL. I texted him, “Thanks again for dinner. It was unexpected and sweet.” He texts back, “Youre very welcome!”

Okay, so I have no fucking idea. Did he say we’d do something again just to get out of there unscathed? Was I reading his signals wrong? Maybe he was just nervous? I realize this will all come down to how he answers my texts tomorrow, or more to the point IF he answers them. I dunno, I may just ask him flat out if he wants to get together again or if he was just fucking around.

I’m so used to dates going really fucking amazing or really fucking in the toilet, so I am completely baffled by this one. BAFFLED. Again, I’ll prob figure it out tomorrow, but I had to write about it tonight because it was such a both side of the spectrum evening.