Poll time!


All right, so I’ve gotten quite a few comments about my most recent post Blast From The Past . Most of them contain some form of the sentence “You totally need to email him back and fuck with him!”

So I’m going to leave it up to you guys… Fuck with him, or no?

You can vote anonymously.. and if you want to make comments on my Facebook or Twitter, feel free and I’ll add those votes in, too.

However, I have no desire to actually go on a date with him, so keep that in mind when you vote.

Edit: Also, we no longer work in the same place, so the odds of me ever running into him are slim to none.

Happy voting!!!


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  1. hmmm, quite the nutty dilema. I think he sounds like a complete and utter tool by going all ‘sexual’ in your e-mails ….. uhm, ewwwww…….however, the possibility to screw with him is tempting. Be careful though, since you work for the same company and in theory he knows where to find you for a surprise lunch date/roll in the hay (ick), you may not want to go there …… either way, keep us posted!!! 🙂

    • Oh that’s right… people who read this dont always know me IRL. No, no, we don’t work at the same place any more. Totally separate places now. So no chance of running into one another. I better clarify that on my post..

  2. There’s no “Email him, see if he’s still nutty, THEN mess with him” option. Because that’s the one I choose.

  3. It would make for good blog stories but in the end you are only encouraging him that some woman might like that kind of crappy behavior. He won’t get that you were messing with him. He clearly can’t tell good sex from bad sex do you think he’d see the difference between funny emails from real ones.

    be done with him and move on to someone new who might be worth your time.

  4. It skeeved me out just reading it. Yeah, it might make for some good blog stuff, but I say don’t even waste your time.

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