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Proof that only weird crap happens to me…


This isn’t a dating post, but it pretty much sums up the weirdness that seems to flock to me.

I just had the weirdest help desk/tech support call.

I called in because I’m having problems with something that was supposed to have been fixed by now. So I’m talking to the lady and I hear her cell phone ringing. She goes, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I have to take this, I think it might be my other job, can you hold on for a second?” I said, “Sure, why not” (but ONLY because she was being really nice).

So I wait.
She comes back on and says “Okay, um… uhhh where were we?”
So I tell her & she says, “I’m sorry I’m so scatter-brained. That was the fire department, they were calling to tell me my house was on fire.”
I said “WHAT?!?!?”
She says, “yeah. And I’m worried because I have 3 cats.”
I said, “You can let me go, that’s fine.”
She said, “No, no. they told me it wasn’t serious, so its okay.”
Me, “ummmmmmmmm ok.”

So she keeps working on my problem, then her phone rings again. She says, “Oh my gosh, hold on.”

So I wait.
She comes back on and says, “Okay, that was them again, they told me they had to force open my door to get in there cause the fire’s getting bigger.”
Me: “Okay, well we can finish this some other time.”
Her: “No, that’s okay, We can do this quick and then I will go.”
This entire time she’s sounding a little frantic…
So she keeps working, meanwhile, I am kinda freaking out.

Her phone rings again. “Let me answer this.”

So I wait.
She comes back on and says, “Okay, we’re almost done, which is good, because I need to get over there.”
I said, “Okay, so uh… what happened?”
Her: “Well it started in the unit below me I guess, and now its in mine. I am supposed to work from home tomorrow, I don’t know how that’s going to work. I need to find out about my cats.”
She finishes up and says, “Is there anything else I can help you with?”
I said: “NO! Now go home and check on your cats!!”
She says: “I will in a second, I have to finish training this guy on something. Oh my….”
And then we said our goodbyes.


100% true story.


Craig… Continued


So my phone beeps at me, signaling an incoming BBIM. I pick it up, thinking its my roommate, but lo and behold, it’s Craig! After over a month of not speaking, I get the random text. Here we go…

Craig: I know it is time, be excited for what you want and what will feel like as the new you. Nervous is not in the forecast as it is really excitement, for the new you. Scared you shouldn’t be as in good hands, it is their field of work. Wish for a fast recovery and what you wanted is only over the hill, plus your dreams at a grasp away.


Me: Not quite sure what I want. Actually, that’s part of the problem.

Craig: Sometimes what you wanted is not clear, but it was a want for a reason. It will appear or become clearer when all is done. Never second guess. Just be happy.

Me: Not second guessing this. This is completely random.

Craig: Not random, remembered it was coming up for you.

Me: Random in that this is the 1st time we’ve spoken in a month or so.

Craig: I know. Just saying get your “woo” back.

And then he tells me work is okay and he has to go to the gym.
Talk about f’n RANDOM. And he has such a weird way of phrasing things. Eeesh.