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I just haven’t met you yet… The Beginning


All right, so as many of you are also friends on my Facebook, you’ve probably determined from a few of my status updates that I’m seeing someone. That’s how we’ll phrase it. “Seeing.” I don’t necessarily consider us “dating” or “bf/gf” because he hasn’t met any of my family, and we’ve only known each other for 2 months. Right now, we’re ‘seeing” one another. As in having a good time together and “seeing” where things may go.. if anywhere past friendship.

I haven’t yet okay-ed posting about ThePlumber (as we’ll call him!) with him, but I won’t go into huge specifics, so I think it will be fine. OH! AND! He knows about the blog, the basic premise of what it is anyways… but I haven’t told him the address. He’s determined to discover it on his own, and I think I’ve hidden it enough in the massive intrawebz that he won’t be able to find it unless he has help. So even knowing that, I’m still going to be rather unspecific on a few details about our time together.

Okay, so onto the good stuff!

The week before Christmas I was in a really bad way. REALLY bad. I just wasn’t feeling myself, iI didn’t want to go home for Christmas, I just wanted to sit at home, by myself, and do nothing. I hadn’t logged onto Cupid for over a month and I just had no friggin’ desire to ever again. Well I got a beep that Monday night… okay, we may need a timeline here.

Monday, December 21st: I got an email that someone had sent me a message on cupid. Now, whenever anyone sends me a message, I check it. I figure if they take the time to message me, the least I can do is read it. The message was from a member who’s name was a variation of Peeping Tom. And it wasn’t a full message. it was one of those winkie things. But it was a googly-eyed winkie and had some generic, stupid message like “I like your smile!” I went to profile this dude and lo and behold, he had no picture and hadn’t filled out ANY information about himself, other than he lived here in Des Moines. I have very strict rules with internet peoples. I don’t respond to anyone who doesn’t have a picture, and I DEFINATELY don’t respond to people who don’t have profiles.

But guess what? I did.

I responded back with an email that said, “No pic, no profile. What are you? Superman? CIA?”

His response: “No, I’m a phantom.”

Tuesday, December 22nd: We keep emailing random stupid shit back and forth. And GUESS WHAT? His favorite two movies are exactly the same as mine. Now, that’s not entirely surprising, but SERIOUSLY, my 2 faves are Die Hard and Aliens.. who else lists those as their favorite 2? SRSLY. We both logged onto the cupid chat room and had a private chat. He is SO FRIGGIN hilarious. He kept asking me questions like, “Are you a PETA type person?” I said, “Uh.. i don’t tie myself to tress or anything.” He says, “Okay good, cuz I have to log off for awhile and skin a deer.” SKIN A DEER. So we made plans to meet back up in an hour and chat some more, but he didn’t show. i figured he got busy. I left him an email with my phone number and said, “Send me a text later on if you’re interested in chatting.”

He was, ‘cuz he sent me a text later that night that said “You realize you’re making it easier for me to stalk you, right?”

Wednesday, December 23rd: He sends me an email and tells me that he has a profile up and is asking me to critique it. First thing I notice, his picture has him with a huge ass sombrero on his head. And not one of those straw ones, its one of those black ones with sparklies and bangly’s on it.

So onto his stats:
He’s 5’11.
Brown hair.
Blue-green eyes (which are AMAZING, btw..)
Owns his own plumbing business
Soon to be divorced
Has 2 puppies
Likes to hunt
Likes to play cards
Loves Die Hard & Aliens
Has a motorcycle
His birthday is exactly 2 weeks before mine
He has 3 tattoos (DROOLAGE)
He has a truck

I can’t remember much else.

Thursday, December 24th: So I’m heading home for Christmas and we’re texting the entire time. The roads were bad, so I wasn’t texting very much, but he told me that if I got stuck in the road, he would drive and pull me out. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I found out that he wasn’t going anywhere that night, so after we finished opening up gifts, I texted him & asked if he wanted to chat on cupid around 10:00 that night. he said, “Sure, I’ll be there”

I log on and I wait. And wait. And by 10:30, no Plumber. He texts me finally and says, “No internet. Can’t log on.” I thought, “Fuck this…” and I picked up my phone and CALLED HIS ASS. THAT’S RIGHT. No fucking around here! He picks it up and before he says hello, I said “You know, if you wanted me to call you, you could have come up with a better excuse than the lame ass ‘Didn’t have internet.'” He started laughing, and seriously, he has the BEST laugh. Its really loud and deep and.. yeah. It made me smile.

WE TALKED FOR FOUR HOURS THAT NIGHT. At one point he said, “Oh shit, its 2:30!” and we decided we better hang up. But we made plans to meet for brunch that Sunday morning. Brunch. I said, “I’ve never been on a brunch date before.” He said, “Neither have I.” And I figured, what the hell. All my lunch or dinner dates have gone shitty… maybe brunch was my meal!

We spent Christmas randomly texting… that was how my Christmas Day was spent.

Coming next… I just haven’t met you yet… The First Meetings