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So I decided to go…


Thanks to everyone who gave me their comment on boring guy. I decided to suck it up and go out with him. Because you’re all right.. maybe he’s just bad on the phone. Maybe if I get him out and in his own element, he’ll be more engaging.

So he’s been asking me out and hinting at going out a few times now. Finally, last Monday, I texted him back and said, “So what does your week look like?”

Him: Have to take my car to my dad’s house and have him look at it.

Me: Okay, cool.

Him: Why? What do you have in mind?

Me: Well my schedule is open this week, so I figured that we could finally meet up. Dinner or something.

Him: Yeah, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Me: Uhhh. Okay? You seemed to think it was a good idea the other times you’ve asked me out.

Him: Yeah, I’m probably giving you mixed signals, huh?

Me: Yes, definately.

Him: Well I just don’t feel liek there’s any chemistry there. And honestly, it sounds like you go out and drink way too much for me.

Okay.. seriously, WHAT? I go out 2-3 times a week. And if I drink, its usually 1 or 2 with dinner with a friend (or a date). I don’t go out and get wasted every week. Bah. My guess is that eI kept mentioning hanging out with friends or whatever and he just assumed that I meant going out and getting trashed. Whatever dude. With no friends.

So the search continues!

Other random side note: I am thinking about taking my blog a little more public. The Des Moines Register has an area of blogs that are al written by readers. So… I’m thinking about moving this blog over there as well. (I would probably post the same posts in both places.) Thoughts on this? I would totally expand my reader base but I would also open myself up to a lot of criticism, too. Let’s face it folks, I can be harsh. But.. everything I write is the truth, I don’t exaggerate.

Once again, I ask for your opinions!


Should I stay or should I go?


So here’s my dilemma. I have the opportunity to go on a date with a guy fairly soon. My schedule is a bit hectic right now with school starting back up and with the holiday season here, I’m working more hours at my PT job. We’re trying to work out a time to go out…

So do I go?

Normally I’d say YES YES YES! He’s cute, younger than me, smart, no kids, steady good paying job, great emails. Everything that should normally interest me.

So what’s the problem?

He’s fucking boring on the phone. Like BOAR-RING. I could knit a sweater during the long pauses we have in our conversations. And his conversation, when we do have it, is.. you got it! BOAR-RING. Here’s an example. He knows I am an accountant. So what does he say? “So, uh, what do you do? Count stuff?” Really? Srsly?

I don’t know… Someone who can talk to me, who can keep up with me in conversation, who can keep me interested and on my toes.. THAT is who I want to go out with. Not someone who..

OH OH OH OH OH! I forgot to mention…

He hates bars. he hates meeting people in bars. Okay, who can’t empathize with that, right? Its not really all that convenient to meet people in a bar. BUT.. here’s the kicker. Aye, the rub, if you will! He has only been to TWO BARS IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE.

Pause for effect.
Knit a sweater.


Now.. those of you who a) know my family and b) knows what my family’s business is will find that HILARIOUS.
Those of you who don’t, well… let’s just say we usually have a beer cracked by 8:30am on Christmas morning.

So, yeah.

Am I judging too quickly? Should I just assume that he’s not good on the phone, but may be better in person, so let’s give it a shot? I mean honestly, I need some help here because look at this blog. my judgement isn’t the best obviously.

People are always telling me not to settle… but when do I kinda say “fuck it!” and settle a little bit? Like in this case…

Should I or shouldn’t I?

Feel free to ask questions about it, him or I. I’ll edit this post with my answers if you need them.

I’m leaving this up to the readers of the blog. If the majority think I should go, I will go.

So have at it!