Monthly Archives: October 2009

Real Time Update…


So I had a date a little over 2 weeks ago with a guy I met online. He sent me a message, we chatted a bit via email, then text, eventually phone. He asked me, “When are we going to go out?” So we made a date.

He was the ONLY guy I’ve told prior to our date (and, well, at ALL) about this site. He told me he was determined to give me a good date to finally post on my site. I said, ‘We’ll see. I thought I had a great date once and look how it turned out.” But his goal was to be better than all the guys I’ve posted about on this site.

And you know what? He was. The date was all that a first date should be. We had good food, we laughed a lot, we opened up about every aspect of our lives, we stayed out later than we should have and had just a really great time. And, ironically enough, our date ended with good conversation & laughs and hugs in a parking garage at 2am. Much like the “great” date I had gone on a few months ago.

He then asked a few times when I was going to post my blog post about our date. Well, here it is. Although, probably not in the format he wants. Why not? Well…

First off, let me say, I like him. A bunch. he is genuinely a great guy. very funny, very nice, very centered. So different than what I’m used to, and i think that’s what drew me to him. After our date, he mentioned that he would definately want a second date. We texted every day, talked almost every night on the phone for about an hour at a time.

But honestly, that’s all I am going to post about him. If you’re reading this, I’m sorry I’m not going to post more. You know how great of a time we had… Its honestly nothing against you. Its mainly because when I post about great dates, I get comments from readers like, “Sounds great! Hope it continues!” or “He sounds like a great guy! Hope it works out!” And then its followed by a post that contains the 3 text messages he sent me out of the blue this past Saturday:

Text 1: “Hey hope ur havin fun. Im still sick. just can’t seem 2 get over it. I told u I wld be honest & I’m sorry I want 2 pursue a different relationships. I like u and…”

Text 2: “Really enjoy our conversations and I really had fun on our date. I just feel like it may be more of a friend type thing. I know this is chicken shit approach…”

Text 3: “But I find this type of things always hard. If u can find it to stay friends I wld love that. If not I understand that as well. Ur great. U really are. I’m sorry.”

So there you have it. Do i want to stay friends with him? I could see us being friends, yes. I even reached out and gave him a call this afternoon telling him I am not upset or anything, just have a couple questions, but otherwise friends is cool. So far, no call back.

So.. ball is in his (your) court.

Anyways, until I’ve gone out with a guy 3-4 times, no more posts about good dates. Its not that I don’t want to get excited about them.. I do. I just don’t want to question myself about reading into things too much when they don’t work out.

Besides, my bad date stories are so much more interesting. Heh.