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Real Time Update 6/9/09


Sorry I have been quiet. Have a lot going on. Buying your first home will do that to you. I DO have some updates, though. I’m saving the best one for last… you won’t believe it.

1) Nothing back from The Teacher. Nada. Zip. Nuttin’ honey. However… BAH! He’s still pissing me off. For those of you with gmail, you know how when you contact someone on gmail, they get added to your contact list, and when they are online, they have a little green dot next to them? Well Teacher and I gtalked a couple of times (its IM within the gmail application, for those of you who don’t have gmail) so he was added to my contact list. Now, for those weeks that he never contacted me, he was NEVER on gmail, EVER. I kept hoping he would log in as some sign that he was alive, but nope. So… I send that email what? week or two ago? Ever since then, he has been on gmail ALL GODDAMNED DAY. EVERY day. That green little dot by his name is just lit up, taunting me, daring me to send him a message. And so far, I haven’t. But fucking-a I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted. Goddamned taunting bastard. If only he wasn’t so damned hot… Argh. I’m afraid I will cave.

2) I’ve been talking to an Asian guy. I have never gone out with an Asian guy before. I don’t even know if I think they are attractive or not. How weird is that? My biggest exposure to Asians is either Iron Chef, or the people at Wok In Motion who serve me sushi. This guy looks pretty built though. In one of his pictures, you can see his guns, and they are nice! (And for those of you who were around when I was dating the cable guy, no, not THOSE types of guns…) Not that I am an arm person, but damn, it would be kinda nice to have guns that large wrapped around me. Rowr. I digress. Seriously, I have no male Asian exposure. (Wasn’t that an Anime porno?) I just don’t know if I am attracted to Asian guys or not. Maybe we’ll find out.

Here’s what he says about himself: I am a down to earth guy, who enjoys everything life has to offer. I’m a open minded person who doesn’t try to be someone or something that i’m not. I enjoy being outdoors, working out, sports, music, movies, and casually going out. I listen to all types of music from alternative, hip hop, rock and the 80’s, depending on my mood. I would like to chat first and then meet up. And if we go our seperate ways, then maybe we can be friends.

I know, I know. Pretty damned vanilla. But he’s been cool via emails, soooooooooooooooo. He might be CD #5.

3) So I’ve been talking to this guy Jason for a couple months. And you know, there’s just that weird spark you get with people? Just their personality? He and I have that. Its goofy, really. (Plus he’s freaking A-DOOR-A-BUL!!) His scheduled is really messed up, though. Take last night, for example. He STARTED work at 1am. So even though its promising, I don’t know when our schedules will allow us to go out.

4) I was tlaking to a dude the other day who is 33, and guess what? He works at a video store. Not as a manager, as a counter jockey. And he only works part time. He’s not a student, he doesn’t have another job, so I have no idea how the hell he supports himself. Maybe he is Jesus in disguise, waiting for someone with a good soul to come take pity on him, so he can reward them handsomely. Sorry, Jesus. My soul ain’t that good, I guess.

Okay… so here’s the one you’ve been waiting for.

5) So I met this guy Saturday night. Like, met him, met him. Not online met him. He’s not the normal type of guy I go for. Had red hair and was really scrawny. But he was nice, so we were just chatted for awhile about nothing in particular. Then, we get on the subject of what we do on weekends. I told him that my weekends are either spent at home by myself, doing errands and stuff I can’t get done during the week, or they are spent going out with friends. He tells me that he enjoys that too.

Him: Yeah, I love going out partying.
Me: Well, I don’t do that so much anymore. I’m getting old, can’t take it! But I love having some drinks and hanging out.
Him: That’s always fun. Especially when you add in a little stuff, too.
Me: Stuff?
Him: You know… “stuff.”
Me: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. “Stuff.” You do that?
Him: Well not all the time. Just when I want to liven up the party.
Me: And how often is that?
Him: I don’t know. Whenever. Its not an everyday thing, though, so don’t worry.
Me: I’m not worried.


Oh my God. Like I would date someone who uses a bunch of “stuff.” As in: Smuggle across the border in a balloon UP YOUR ASS “stuff.” No way, jose. So yeah… interesting evening.

That’s all I got right now. Updates on Jason and the Big Gunned Asian as they become available.